Wedding Planning from afar

Hello all,

It has been an exciting nearly 4 months since Medan and I got engaged: showing the ring to people, getting many congratulations, pre-marital counselling, and of course setting a date for the wedding!

Not long after the engagement, we decided to get married in my home-city in New Zealand. Granted, this does make things a little bit difficult, but let me walk you through how we have gotten things planned so far.

How to: Organise a Wedding When You Don’t Live in the Place You Are Getting Married

  1. Have Awesome Parents
    These are your go-to people to Get Things Done. They know the area, can look at venues, sort out down-payments, and want the best for you. These are Essential!
  2. The Internet is your Friend
    Many wedding related things can be sorted online – especially wedding photographers, and potentially florists. Do some research, look through many pictures and websites and you can come up with the options you love the best. Email them many questions – generally they are happy to reply back quickly. If they don’t reply back, then refer to 1 (they can call!).
  3. Facebook!
    A friend of mine added me to a NZ weddings Facebook page. Even if you don’t buy anything from anyone on the page, it will give you ideas of how you want your wedding day to look.
  4. Delegate
    This wedding planning business really is a real job that people do, so don’t take it all upon yourself to get it all done (especially if you are working while planning!). Delegate. Find awesome friends who know the area and understand your style.
  5. Print Online
    This is one of the best ways to get the invites the way you like them, while also getting them posted to someone else (see 4 and 1) who can get them posted to the right people. I also have really enjoyed the designing process of Save the Dates, Engagement Party invites, and the actual Wedding invites.

So that is all I have for now. Perhaps I will have more gems next time!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our wedding website here.

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