A Very Exciting Thing Part II

Hello all!

I am pleased to have my lovely fiancee to do the first guest post on my blog! This is his side of the story of our relationship. Enjoy!

Our story begins when a friend introduced us on a Sunday afternoon after church. It was just in front of the main entrance – I can say that Jo didn’t see me as much as I saw her that day, but I still remember that something was going on inside of me. I didn’t really know what it was, but there was something – something different than those other days I used to see her while she was leading worship or being on stage with the worship team.

A few weeks later I got a phone call from our friend Ife from church on a Sunday. After we greeted one another she started asking me about where I am in regard to my dating life. This was not the first time she had asked me about my dating life, so I didn’t see it as anything unusual. So then she told me the reason she called was for me to meet up with her and other friends from church. The plan was to meet on a Tuesday evening for pizza. I immediately agreed to the idea because I was always thinking that my work-life balance was not very good. I had no idea what this friend of mine was really trying to do!

So on the Tuesday I arrived 5 minutes earlier than the time thinking I would be the first one there. But no, Jo was there first – my now fiancé. I thought she was waiting for some other person but I didn’t say hi because she might not remember me, and it could be awkward. So without saying anything I sat on the next table to her. After a while another friend of ours came. This was Tsega, who had also introduced us the first time at church. So we all greeted each other and I got to shake hands again with Jo. On this day we are also joined by another friend of ours, Temesgen. Later Ife also came and we started talking and enjoying the nice pizza with tea. We all had a good time and swapped numbers and planned to meet another day.

A week later we met again with the group and we also had a chance to talk one-on-one as Tsega who was meant to join us was late that day.20161105_135152

After this we became friends on Facebook and we started to chat while Jo was in Doha for a Christmas break. Through this we got to know each other better. After she got back from Doha she had to go to Sodere for SIM spiritual life conference. So we continued to text each other but we didn’t get to meet. Afterwards I asked her out on January 2, 2016, and we started dating. We had many adventures on those dates as we experienced and celebrated our cultural differences, while enjoying this time. We dated for more than ten months and we enjoyed those moments and really felt that God was always guiding us and helping us to become closer to one another. So on October 7, 2016, I proposed and she said yes!!!

We had a great time through all this and more than anything God has been teaching us both. He has guided us in our personal lives, and in our relationship together, but always towards Him.

If you want to see what I wrote a few months ago, check this link here.

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