A few of my favourite things

Over the course of my time in Ethiopia, I have picked up and carried with me on my journey many things. Some of those items have really helped me to live here. This is a list of some of those things:

  1. prestige-over-s_186bdd66_stdOverspex sunglasses
    For me, as a glasses wearer constantly, these were ideal for using in the bright sunshine that we have here in Ethiopia. Having a pair of sunglasses I can wear and STILL be able to see to drive, priceless!image
  2. Jandals (flipflops, thongs, slippers)
    It can be hot here. It can also be wet (and still fairly warm). So a trusty pair of jandals are the best, as you wear them often! They dry faster than regular shoes in the wet, and also keep your feet cool in the hot!
  3. marmite-jarMarmite (NZ variety!)
    This one is just a taste of home, and so is a must to have when being away from New Zealand for long periods of time!
    Far better than the UK variety… though Vegemite will do when there are no other options šŸ˜‰


  4. Hotwater bottle
    This is the latest addition to my favourites list! I recently visited New Zealand for Christmas, and even though I have been back in New Zealand since I moved here to Ethiopia, I kept telling myself that, no, I did not need a hotwater bottle in Ethiopia. Well, I have finally given in, and now I have my very own one! It makes getting to sleep so much easier, especially as I have acclimatised to the Ethiopian climate now.


So these are just a few of my favourite things that keep me sane in Ethiopia. Sometimes it really is just the little things that matter!

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