Guy Fawkes


As we live in a community of people who come from almost everywhere, it is always fun to celebrate each others holidays, traditions and festivities!

This month, we were “remember, remember the 5th of November”.

This, of course, is Guy Fawkes night, which we do enjoy celebrating in New Zealand by blowing things up for a few days.

In England, however, they take it to a whole new level!
Like, seriously, we burn what is basically a scare crow, who is meant to resemble Guy Fawkes himself….20161104_190445_006

It’s a little bit creepy if you ask me though!

Sadly, the local authorities told us that we weren’t allowed to set off the fireworks that we had already purchased….

But we found another way to create awesome fireworks-like light shows!

Enter steel-wool on fire and spun:




Super cool! Thanks Jose!!



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