Learning to lean on others

So in just reflecting on this last year, especially this 2016 year so far, I think God has been taking me on a journey to learn to lean on others.

This is hard for me. So hard for me.

I am a Wallace. I am a Woman. I am a New Zealander. I am a missionary. I am a teacher.

All these things suggest to me strength, a can-do attitude, an ability to multi-task, a need for control, and a look that you have everything together.

Well guess what? I don’t.

And you know what? I don’t need to have it all together.

But that isn’t always the way that it feels. I like having it all together. I like being in control. It is in my nature. It’s the way I like to do things.

God, however, calls us to greatness, to be a part of the Body, to share everything and to fulfill each others needs.

And so that is what I have been learning. Learning to lean. Learning to trust. Learning to rely on others and Him.

What can I say? It hurts sometimes. And sometimes the methods God employs are not the ones I like. Having been sick a number of times this semester, I look and feel weak. I have had to ask for a multiple days off and for my colleagues to cover for me (sometimes with not very well thought-out sub-plans…). I probably should have asked people to bring me things that I needed, instead of mildly, passive-aggressively, suggested I could use something, and wait for them to offer.

It’s rough, and a lesson that I am still learning, and will probably need to continue to learn for a while. But God knows what is best to bring people together, and to join the Body together. And if I can learn it soon, or at least grasp the basic concepts, then we will be doing well.

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