Little things

Today I went to the local Artisan Bazaar which showcases a lot of the awesome art and crafts made by people here in Addis Ababa.

It was a great Bazaar with lots of cool things: leather, scarves, jewellery, art, food. (if you are curious I bought a piece of art!)

But the thing that caught me most was the music that they were playing while we were walking around looking at the stuff. It was some beautiful, simple, danceable, jazz music.

And I really just wanted to dance.

It is a odd thing to be thinking over a lot. And, to be completely honest, I have never lived consistently in a city with a swing dance club. I have danced this dance off and on for 4 years now. Yet, when I hear the music, it calls to me.

Participating and continuing to learn dance is something that I want to do. But it has been put on hold for now. I get to use my skills to help Bingham Academy with their musical. I get to run a dance club.

But sometimes it feels like I am missing out on something that I love.

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