On doing things I’ve never done before

Looking back at my life, the things I loved and appreciated the most are the “Things Never Done”,

Back in the day, going tramping (hiking for non-NZers), learning to dance in high school, and then later in university. Now these are some of things that I love the most!

I know, I know, you’re thinking “Of course the ‘Thing Never Done” is the thing you appreciate the most – You hadn’t done it until now!”

BUT, that IS the thing about it. The “Thing Never Done” could turn out to be the thing you love (like dancing!!)

And this time in Ethiopia is full of them:

  • Eat strange food (aka injera)
  • Start to run – and then do a 10k (yet to be done, but is scheduled!)
  • Teach my own classes – and have my students succeed
  • Learn how to play football/soccer and see improvement in my coordination

The “Thing Never Done” is powerful, a Schrodinger’s Cat over and over again in your life

  • is it awesome or will you hate it?
  • regret doing it or regret not doing it?

The only way to take control over it?

Make the “Thing Not Done” the “Thing Done”.

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