NZ from an expat’s point of view – 2 years on

So going “Home” was delightful and wonderful and full of memories, but two years is a really long time.

Much about what made “home” home was the same – the streets were the same, my Mum and Dad still in the same house, my brother and his family in the same city – but many other things were different.

Friends had moved out of the city (or were about to), other friends have gotten married, and everyone had a proper 9-5pm job *gasp*!

The accents were thick – when I heard an American I would ask them to keep talking, it sounds like my other home.

But New Zealand is still beautiful! Having literally travelled the length of the country (up and then down again!) on roads I have never driven before, it was fantastic! Ethiopia is beautiful in different ways, the only thing I can liken it to in NZ, is probably Central Otago in the stark, dry beauty it has.

What can I say? Living in Ethiopia for two years has changed me – but even being back in Ethiopia for 4 days so far, I can see that being back in NZ for 6 weeks also changed me.

But that’s okay – as the song goes, “The Best is Yet to Come”

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