Japan vs Ethiopia

It is interesting to leave Ethiopia, the “foreign country”, to enter yet another foreign country. And even though I did the same thing when I went to England in June/July, this was different again.

In England I could understand (mostly!) what people were saying. In Japan, I know significantly less.

Where I have been in Japan, there are some surprising similarities to Addis!

  • You need to be careful at traffic lights. As I have been told, green means go, orange means speed up, and red means three more cars (!!).
  • Supermarket shopping is hard. Even harder than Addis (in some ways). In Japan you can mostly get what you want, but you may not be able to read the label to recognise it. In Ethiopia, it is hard to find what you want, but the label will most likely have English writing.
  • Traffic is still annoying

But still many differences, like I haven’t had to light a candle for two weeks!!

Living overseas does have its problems, but it can have a lot of benefits too – I do like living in a cross-cultural community!

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