Teaching History is HARD!

So, I never did history in high school. I didn’t take any history papers at university (pfft, who needs history at university!), and geography was my major anyway. There were jobs available in New Zealand for teachers who could teach both geography and history (crazy social scientists!).

And then I moved to Ethiopia to be a social studies/geography teacher.

And then I needed the history.

I wish I had done history in high school (even at the expense of a science or maybe Japanese). I wish I had done some 100-level papers in history at university (even just for “fun”). I might even wish that I had applied for those Geography/History jobs in New Zealand anyway!

BUT, I am glad for Crash Course (for enlightening me to some history). I am glad that I like to read historical fiction (even if it is not that accurate).

I still need help though. Wading through the wonderful world of history is teaching me a lot, particularly in learning to teach some of the things that, over the years, have become normal and natural to me.

It is all slowly becoming easier.

All in the name of better equipping middle school students for high school history (at the expense of geography, *sigh*, but I guess that is already happening).

November History Association (UK) course, I am coming at you! Look out! Geographer Ahoy!

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