The Triangle of Happiness

The triangle of happiness on campus has been fairly sad the last few weeks. The water has been great (and our water pressure in the house has been fixed!), but the power has been exceptionally bad for many parts of campus. We are in the process of (slowly) hooking up the generator to all of the buildings on campus, and not just the school buildings. So, when the power is out on campus, those lucky enough to be already hooked up are golden. But those who aren’t (like my house), then you are without power.

But, more recently, there has been a change in fortune. The power coming into campus has been lower than 200V, and therefore the buildings hooked up to the generator get no power (unless the generator is on). The rest of us, however, just have low voltage power, which can be dangerous for some electronics. But praise God for voltage regulators as they can save a lot of the hassle, and breakers on power boards, as they can save things if the power spikes.

So power problems – you either have it, or not – but most of the time someone has it somewhere on campus, so we can travel to where the power is and borrow it 😉

The internet is linked to this problem though – the server room, through which all the internet is routed, is on the generator, and therefore is off when the generator is off….. so no internet while I write this post.

Come back normal power! And then we can return to the occasional outage, as opposed to the more frequent ones we have now!!

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