Classes, Sycamore, and Timetables, oh my!

Week 2 of orientation has begun, and my life feels like it has just become significantly more busy….

Late last week I confirmed the classes that I will be teaching this year – some I expected, and another I did not. This year I will be the Middle School Social Studies teacher, taking on Grade 6, 7 and 8. I am also seeing my IGCSE Geography students into the second year of their course, so teaching Grade 10 Geography. In addition to this (and going up from three classes last year), I will be team teaching, with Science teacher Chris, the Grade 8 Bible/homeroom class!

Now I am excited by the opportunity this affords, but it will also mean a lot of extra work in pastoral care, teaching, and organising (awesome) events. But I also get to go on (and help organise) the Northern Trip again this year 😉

Next, Sycamore! Sycamore is a new system being implemented in the school this year for attendance, grades, and reporting. I am looking forward to using it, but I also signed up to be a help in making the transition smooth for teachers. It is internet based, so that can also be a trouble in this country! Praying for no chigers (problems) as we begin to use it….

And lastly, Timetables! I seem to like to volunteer to do things this year….. and one of those things was helping out with timetabling. Tomorrow morning the results come back from our CIE exams for the high school students. AND, since we start school IN A WEEK, we need to get this timetable ironed out for our teachers to plan, and our students to use in about 2 days. 

So, pray for us! I think we are going to need it as we count down to the new school year!

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