Are a great time to catch up on all those things that you never have time to do otherwise.

Last week I spent about 4 hours going through map drawers that the school has had for many years. Given that Bingham Academy has been here in Addis for about 50 years, it did not surprise me that we had collected a history of world maps. (which, to be quite honest, is rather exciting to me! But we just don’t have the room to keep them all!) Clearing out these drawers and putting all the relevant material back in them was interesting, messy, and time-consuming, but it was one of the last things to be moved into the new building.

Other things that can be done during this break before we get fully back into work are sorting out resources for the Middle School Social Studies curriculum from the past 5ish years. More interesting, messy, time-consuming work! But, hopefully, with this out of the way, it will make teaching easier, and future teachers happier with everything they might want to use at their fingertips.

It’s interesting how often making life easier makes life harder for a time.

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